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Springtime weddings are delightful and highly connected to the natural elements, which entails both fun but also worries about possibly unpredictable weather conditions. Instead of a troublesome last–minute location switch, just think of a plan B that will keep you in place whether it’s an unexpected rise in temperature, undesirable shower or even a storm!


On-site, your guests must be gifted or borrowed little weather-proof accessories and other essentials that could be placed on their seats or distributed during their entry, such as fans, shawls, blankets, hats, towels, bottles of water, umbrellas, and even a pair of Wellies! A higher budget could also cover the possibility of a specially designed goody bag.


Just add some style-saving products and equipment such as hairspray, dryers and a curling iron. Inside a little basket you can also leave some pair of tights, bobby pins, baby wipes, deodorant, blister pads, makeup, de-makeup, and other toiletries that will help your female guests refresh after a weather-related disaster! You could also provide men with similar staff, but as we know women are usually more upset when weather challenges their looks!


If your wedding party is taking place outdoors – which is the most possible springtime scenario – you should definitely rent a tent or else large umbrellas to provide your guests with much desirable shade from the burning sun, or protect them from a sudden shower. If indoors, make sure that there are easy-to-open windows or, even better, a convertible rooftop. The whole area should be sufficiently ventilated.


A close space should definitely have proper air-conditioning while an open-air space should be equipped with portable fans/humidifiers or heated lamps. Arrange such devices in ways that favor all your guests, whatever their position in the seating plan!


If a rain happens minutes before the wedding, make sure your décor and other furniture are easy-to-clean and fast-to-restore. Get some wooden boards or tiles to create a mud-free pathway for your guests who like to keep their shoes clean and polished. Put also a mat right at the entrance for them to wipe their soles on.


A slippery or dirty floor will be a major deterrent for all those who would love to shake and groove. To make dancing be the event’s focal activity, your stage should be covered with a tent, or made of materials that are durable and washable. Place the tent at the highest point in your ground plan, where water cannot flood and destroy it. Make your setting wind-free, using specially designed detachable panels that allow a view to the surrounding landscape.


Depending on the extreme conditions, treat your guests with extra provisions at the bar such as hot or iced drinks. Your cocktail bar should be carefully curated till last minute and updated satisfying pop-up needs! Mulled wine is an alternative offering if weather deteriorates without prior notice!


Whether you finally are forced to change location or just your venue ends up hard to access, a car service will facilitate your guests’ arrival especially when approaching just outside the door.


Day or evening, this event should be the brightest moment so far, and for that matter lighting will be of paramount importance. If should be dimmed up and down, as well as incorporated into special effects on and off-stage. On a rainy day you might need to complement natural light with artificial one.


Repurpose your buffet to include some comfort food, such as chilled gazpacho  or hot velouté soup. Dessert menu could also be enriched with some flavors from an ice cream cart or a warm fondue station, always depending on weather. Think also of sorbets, popsicles, or a delicious and warm soufflé cake!


To solve all your aforementioned problems at once, just find a space that combines both possibilities – indoor and outdoor – such as a ballroom that opens up to a terrace or balcony. Your guests and the whole party could easily move from one space to the other, and the action will keep going!