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Not the Usual Wedding!

Getting married this season? Well, it’s time to break the rules – tradition, family heritage or etiquette – and go for unconventional choices at the most important event in your life. Not the average cake or decoration, no more speeches and never again the same songs. Highlights and details should 100% express you and your soulmate; not what others normally expect to see. An out-of-the-box approach that exudes unique spirit and personality will be major fun for you and your quests. Just leave them speechless with your spicy surprises and original attitude.


Use your favorite dessert since childhood. This will be the foundation of your immense cake! Make a mountain of lollipops, Oreos, donuts, brownies, cupcakes, chocolate bars or cookies. Prince William asked for a recipe including McVitie’s Digestives at his wedding to Kate Middleton, you might be asking for a marzipan cake. It has to be huge or at least lifesize. A couple once created a cake at the actual measurements of the bride’s gown. You might be happy to reproduce your beloved pet as a yummy cake! Be bold and make it eye-catching!


Add to the mix or the remix tunes you are crazy about no matter what. It might be an acoustic version of a song, gospel sounds, classical music or folk from a distant country. Ask from your DJ to make these choices more appealing to your audience by mixing them with other popular hits. Soon, your guests will realize that your music is as unique as the event they are attending. Make them appreciate the music you and your partner are listening to when relaxing together in a sofa or on the beach. Make opera sound groovy and whatever Indie you like as the choice that will turn your party into a Coachella fest!


Make an effort to stun your friends by writing a stand-up comedy piece; something that will make them laugh and engage better into your love story. Ask for a comedian’s advice or the help of a friend who’s a talented writer. Add some inside jokes and make yourself sound cool. The more personal – yet not insulting – it gets, the more fun it will be!


Recently, jewelry designer Sabine B, who got married to a Getty Images heir in Rome, reenacted, with appropriate costumes and setting, the glory of 18th century French royal court aesthetics; most specifically, scenes from the ‘Dangerous Liaisons’ movie. Think of your favorite era, movie, opera or fairytale and use it as theme to your party. Guests will be encouraged to wear clothes reminiscent of a certain era. Use the ‘time machine’ to make your event memorable! Add dress code to your invitation. Imagine a ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ wedding or one themed after the Ming Dynasty in China. Act as the director of your own bridal movie, complete with soundtracks and decoration.


Find a beautiful lawn for picnic time, an industrial space (parking lot or old factory), a seaside cave or a mountain peak to create an unusual atmosphere and an unconventional setting transformable into an exciting wedding event. Have a scuba diving wedding experience, get married aboard a fisherman’s schooner, or even during a private jet flight. An out-of-the-box wedding reception can cost you millions or can be very affordable. Find out all these places that are available for free such as a forest or shore. Plenty of options! Get ideas from those organizing in New York rather unconventional Fashion Week shows and presentations. Think as if you were McQueen or John Galliano in the 90’s.


Two years ago, a couple in Greece used a big plank of old seawater-seasoned wood as the best dance floor on earth. This trampoline-like huge plank of wood placed over wet sand on a gorgeous beach made every dancer’s move totally unpredictable and fun. It was casual, hilarious and for some inexplicable reason very chic; a dance floor assimilated into the natural setting! Techies will think of a twirling floor synching with music or one projecting crazy images and visuals. The dance floor can be almost floating in a pool or standing inside a lake. It can be equipped with fans, fountains, firework devices and other cool paraphernalia.


Depending on your theme, create a list of signature drinks that one can source after lots of research. Cocktail recipes from various historical periods are somehow preserved. Google for drinks of historical value, or create a serving station focused on beer, bourbons, proseccos or Japanese sake. Make cocktails mixed with various fruit and veggie blends right from the juicer and adorn them with fancy flowers. Serve them in metallic mugs, unmatched jars or ceramics. Find the most unusual pots. It has to feel unique!


The highlights of your wedding can only be limited to imagination. Be creative, ask consultants and create the most unbelievable experience ever. A unique DJ set, combined with performance from acrobats or some stunning basketball game moments, will set the tone. Synchronized swimming, kite show or other air show, 4D water show, holograms of famous people, actual workshop with artists creating guests’ gifts on the spot, photography exhibition depicting your love story and various other ideas stand as food for thought!