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The ultimate purpose of hiring a DJ to set up and execute your wedding reception music is to customize, diversify, and orchestrate a unique experience, bonding you and your guests for years to come. It’s an artistic project that prioritizes fun through the creative prism of someone trained in entertaining people. It’s also a way to delve into your inner world, your memories, desires, and expectations. Finally, it’s your chance to study people close to you, and realize the degrees of attachment or intimacy to each one of them. Let’s see ways to get maximum benefits from teaming up!

Introduce yourself

Build up your personal music profile that includes favorite genres and songs as well as dancing preferences. Elaborate on this, writing down your own charts of best singers and musicians. Finally, add a few keywords that best describe your relationship to music. Make a separate list of shortcut music profiles within the circle of your guests. Then hand them over to your DJ, who is going to compare them in order to ultimately come up with a mix of dancing tunes that addresses both worlds. Your feedback to this process is essential. You need to guide your DJ through a music universe that best represents you and your loved ones. He is going to translate your info in a more creative way, adding choices that meet your expectations, but also exceeding your range of options. He will present you with tracks you’ve never thought or knew of, yet you might really love them. You need to be actively involved in this trial-and-error procedure in the same way you might be involved in the decoration of your new home; scrutinizing all possible suggestions.

Communicate effectively

Give your DJ a reasonable timeframe to make their research based on your preferences. Let them look for special versions of songs, rare albums or even customize tunes to adjust to your unique approach to music. Finally, allow your DJ a window for improvisation during the event, defined by the audience’s mood swings or overall feedback. Thankfully, a professional can sense signs of disapproval or fatigue way before everybody else in the room!

Define your theme and atmosphere

In all respects, selecting your music should come after every other consideration regarding your wedding. Decide on your setting, destination, decoration, wedding gown and overall theme, and later assign music to a DJ. Make sure that it’s all cohesive, ideally choosing one organizer for everything, or else arranging a meeting with all parties involved in attendance. You need to discuss it in a holistic way with all these creative people interacting and exchanging views on a single vision.

Make it fun for everybody

Do not exclude from your detailed account of guest preferences certain niche groups such as older people, kids, or a certain musician’s groupies! Your DJ has the ability to find balance and common denominators among varying tastes and demands. They will definitely include a majority of songs that are universally approved throughout the decades; certain classics that tempt almost everybody to hit the dance floor! DJs are also going through latest charts to discover gems with momentum. Experience with diverse audiences is their precious asset. Trust them more than your own gut on what your friends might like! Do not forget that music is the element that basically makes or breaks the whole event.

Finalize your schedule

Your DJ more or less will act as your wedding party’s director and for that matter they should be aware of the event’s various parts that should be accompanied with appropriate tunes. There will be other genres of music besides dancing, such as lounge music and tunes highlighting certain activities (e.g. fireworks, dinner time, choreographies, the cutting of the cake etc.). Constantly update your DJ with minor changes on the event’s structure, so as to make the necessary adjustments.

Keep an element of surprise

Encourage your DJ to indulge in experimentation and end up with a very unexpected flow of tunes, not at all predictable or generic. Some people find safe haven into already tried copy-paste solutions and try to impose this sterile stereotype to the creatives they hire. But if you think it over, that defies the privilege of having an experienced DJ on board. Let them wow your audience by shaking things up. Let them choose a few unknown, yet amazing songs. Your guests will ultimately appreciate your open-minded approach and your DJ’s educated effort to infuse your wedding playlist with newness and originality. Just take some risk and engage everybody to your groovy venture! It will be fun, for sure!
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