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Are you still pondering on whether to set a dress code for your bridal reception and pre-parties or not? We can assure you that sooner or later this is going to be major fun for your guests. Everybody feels a little nervous at the prospect of an event that requires special-occasion attire, but in the end most of them can derive great pleasure from the whole process of decoding such prescriptions and translate them according to their personal style. An invite with a dress code is a delightful challenge that makes the whole experience unique and memorable. Let’s see why your guests will ultimately love it!


An elaborate dress code description might raise further questions to be answered by the bride, the groom or members of their inner circle. The whole discussion will increase the element of bonding between the couple and the guests. A sufficient degree of responsiveness on these matters will bring about closer relationships and greater intimacy. Dress code can be an incredible unifying element, further reinforced by everybody’s willingness to honor the couple.


Along with a carefully-curated, universally approved music playlist and an adorable bridal decoration, dress code will be a common denominator among guests, or else an element to share and have fun with. People will be feeling part of the same team or group of people in the same way teammates at the NBA or attendees at a costume party do. Sharing increases comfort and eases communication. If all people do the same extravagant thing at the same time, then no one feels over-the-top or out-of-place anymore!


Savvy shoppers will greatly appreciate the opportunity to legitimately enrich their wardrobe with more eveningwear or other special-occasion garments and accessories. It’s their perfect excuse to buy those statement shoes they’ve been stalking for months but had nowhere to wear to! They can now load their closet and boudoir with more jewelry, clutches and sequined dresses. It’s even excusable to hire a stylist so as to put all these new items together into the most amazing party looks.


For those with artistic inclinations, this is a moment of pure bliss. They will devote endless weekends thinking their choices over, reinterpreting the dress code and aspiring to make an attention-grabbing twist to the basic formula. They can mix & match, over-dress and under-dress, experiment on new glam touches and even DIY things that will make a difference. Creative people are thrilled to mix high with low, retrieve grandma’s treasures and hit some flea markets or thrift stores. It’s their own playground situation!


A bunch of exquisite outfits in the same room is always a communication-booster, even among people who are not that much of a social bee. Dress code gives them the permission to stare at others and initiate contact. They can share their awkwardness and difficulty in putting together their look, as well as express their admiration for somebody else’s successful choice. Fashion is always a way to communicate with others and an easy path to move to other topics later. And such delightful chats can hopefully lead to dancing the night out with the nicest company!


Stunningly dressed guests in a context of fun and happiness and under a very unique dress code can tremendously honor the couple as well as feel the singularity of the moment. It cannot be repeated or reproduced. Guests in these original outfits will create a special atmosphere for all. That’s why we are all living for; ultimate-joy unforgettable instances!


Is this every girl’s chance to unleash their inner Hollywood diva? Surely yes! Ladies can dress up, glamorize, transform, and even overshadow the bride (by mistake)! A wedding reception allows for sparkly statement heels, dazzling jewelry, ethereal gowns, and bright eveningwear as long as they are versions of the dress code and choices that correspond to the setting. Whether in an exotic island, a country club, a winter resort or a heritage hotel in the city, there is always a way to appropriately glam up, sheen and shine!
Just think of it… Wouldn’t it be major fun for guests to show up at a pre-wedding party all dressed in Hawaiian shirts and florals, or hit a wedding reception in Great-Gatsby-themed decadent gowns and tuxedos? What a fabulous dance floor that would be!