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Planning to present a small choreography for your guests?

It sounds great and scary at the same time, especially to those – men and women – who are not used to displaying their moves quite often. It’s the bride or the groom who sometimes throws the idea on the table while the other follows with some reservations. Ultimately, the whole process of learning your steps and synching with your partner in this small challenge ends up being fun and positive. You need to set your mind according to this new reality of doing most things together, and this little choreography at your wedding will mark the beginning of your new life as a couple. It’s very symbolic and cute; in other words, highly recommended. Here are some great tips that will make your experience unique.


It involves an intimate situation in which you are both discussing and choosing your instructor, favorite music, style, and finally specific track for your choreography. It’s another opportunity for you to delve into each other’s world, navigating through preferences, talents, strengths and insecurities. To a varying degree, you will both struggle with exposure to a broader audience during your wedding and this choreography epitomizes this reality. But becoming a couple is something that you confidently want to share with many people and you will find out that this is a great feeling. So make sure that your choreography will be fun for you and everybody else in the room. Your choice should definitely put a clear message across as well as reflect your affection for family and friends. It’s a romantic moment!


Sometimes one of the couple is trained enough to teach some wonderful moves to the other, and later you can both improvise and customize according to your taste. Your choreography will evolve organically with input from both sides. If neither of you is familiar with dancing, then you can reach a professional and get their expertise. Follow a fast-track course and learn how to dance your favorite song at the wedding reception. Even better, start lessons way before the wedding, as a way to celebrate your love and common future. Don’t stick to nerve-racking details during your training. Your dance must only bring forth happiness, not nervousness. Dancing a part at your wedding should be a liberating process; a way to release all your emotions. You can skip and swap pre-taught steps, express yourself and communicate with your guests!


Don’t bother if your favorite track is not actually made for dancing! Practically you can produce choreography for every song. Find a professional who can remix everything to match your desire for dance. In fact, both the DJ and the choreographer can have a little chat and collaborate to create the perfect match between sound and motion!


Do not aim at perfection; just go for ultimate fun. You need to unleash your inner dancer, unlock your body and make movement flow. For one night, you get transformed into mighty performers and superstars! Spread your festive mood everywhere and enjoy your prominence! Focusing on your partner will take all your nervousness and insecurities away. What you should really learn out of this choreography is moving together closely and harmoniously!


Don’t make it too long, but make it brief and exciting. Incorporate in your set some surprising elements (e.g. a twirl, a wheel, or jump up). You are definitely allowed to include a few more ‘dancers’ in your choreography such as your bridesmaids and groomsmen. Sooner or later, everybody will want to hit the stage and shake it! One to two songs is optimum, which roughly translates to a 6-to-8-minute choreography. If two songs, then your DJ with be assigned to invent a smooth and exciting transition to the next track. He can even edit the tunes to create one musical entity with ideal duration and perfect cohesion that will keep the energy high in the room all night!


It should happen right after the dinner and before everybody else is invited to hit the dance floor. Your choreography should kick-start the whole party. It should be sweet and hilarious at the same time, entertaining and motivating. Get rid of your shy nature, to help others do the same! Couple of drinks or sizzling champagne will help you and your guests get in the mood and grove it! Your choreography is the bold initiative that will take the whole event to the next level!


Create atmosphere with special effects such as a glitter or balloon rain and ever fireworks. You can also introduce you and your partner to the audience with a funny and memorable line!