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Convenience matters the most when it comes to a groom’s attire for the big day and night! Shoes are of paramount importance, especially during the celebrations, and the dancing part of the wedding reception. He has to slide, swing and groove conveniently onto the stage, and like a graceful whirlwind entangle his bride into soulful movement. He also has to encourage others, get actively involved into the festivities and sweat the dancefloor out! Let’s see which special characteristics make his shoes perfect for the occasion.


Are you the groom? Then you really need to prep your shoes before the big event by wearing them more that once at home to give your soles a ready-to-wear feel. Your brand new leather soles should not be completely unworn but a bit conditioned to walking and not as slippery as they might be right off their box. Avoid of course rubber soles because they will hold you down to earth and keep you away from spinning and twisting. Wear them on clean floor in advance, not only to condition the soles but also to mold the whole shoe into your foot shape.


Your shoes should be soft and flexible, ready to adjust to your actual measurements and your special characteristics. They should not be heavy and rigid, or the kind of shoes that look nice and shiny but really torture your feet. Try a variety of soft leathers, including suede, and prolong your fitting session at the shoe store, to see if they are actually comfortable. Pick half size larger than normal because your feet might possibly swell and get tired after so many hours dancing to the craziest tunes.


Your shoes should be lightweight and subtle. Hardware such as chains, studs, and buckles will tie you to the ground, and this is the last thing you want when vibes go high. All these elements are also threatening of injuring the bride next to you. Sloppy dancers that might likely step on the bride’s toes, are highly recommended to pick the lightest, thinnest heels that won’t hurt her.


Some shoe shapes are extra-long and hard-to-control. Elongated toes might impede your moves and also threaten others. Just pick more rounded shapes; not extremely sharp and massive. Get shoes that are easy-to-walk-in, and are not altering your actual shoe shape and size. Elongated shoe shapes usually look like being a size larger and unfortunately they behave like that too!


If your wedding party is not taking place in a glittering reception hall, and instead is going on outdoors by the beach, the pool, or inside a magical garden/backyard, then probably your dance floor will be made of sand, gravels, earth and turf, or other natural element. In that case, forget the shiny shoes and go for something hip and comfy such as classy summer slippers, polished and fashionable sneakers, laid-back suede loafers, or even espadrilles. Just go with the dress code and the prerequisites of the natural terrain. To be able to dance and have fun should always be your priority.


Are your still insisting on wearing this gorgeous, yet uncomfortable, pair of shiny moccasins or brogues to your wedding ceremony? Then swap them for something more convenient during the party. Get a second option, equally stylish and chic, just to dance the night out. After couple of drinks and loads of great vibes, no one will be paying attention to your shoes. Just keep them under the table and change when ready to shake it!


Beachfront wedding parties and their exotic setting are always tempting people to ditch their shoes out and dance on white powdery sand. If that’s the case, don’t think twice! Even flip flops will feel like a burden. Barefoot is nice, and it’s fun. Let everyone take their shoes off!


It’s true that you might have paid a little fortune to get your fabulous special-occasion shoes and you might fall easily into the trap of worrying not to get them messy during the festivities. If your moves are overly conscious because of that, then you are missing the whole point. This is a one-of-a-kind moment and post-wedding your shoes, worn and used, should definitely reflect that, as souvenirs of an action-packed, great-energy, love-infused night!