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When I was eleven years old, my DJ career began. I loved music and decided to invite my friends to my house for a party. I set up the stereo in our garage, my friends came over, I played music all night and everyone danced. My friends had a great time. Thus DJ Bell was born. Word spread and I was asked to DJ our school dance and had my first professional DJ job at 11 years old.
In college, I took my DJ skills to the world of weddings. I was hired as a wedding DJ for a company called ABC Mobile Music. I used all genres of music as a tool to get the crowd dancing and having fun. Since every crowd is different, I learned how to read the audience and get them dancing. People relaxed and danced. I taught dances such as the Electric Slide and the YMCA and coordinated Limbo contests. As the DJ for school dances, proms, weddings, parties and other special events, I learned that all event types are unique and developed a personal approach to each.
Word spread and I was offered a DJ residency position at a local night club. There I learned how to beat mix in the club so that each song flowed smoothly into another. My biggest night was New Year’s Eve when I entertained about 1,200 people throughout the evening.
When I moved to Portland, I worked for the Embassy Suites and Sheraton Hotels. Working in the event industry showed me the importance of making sure every entertainment detail is perfect. Today I use these skills to coordinate with the venue staff to make sure they are prepared for what I will be doing.
Encore Mobile DJs was created to provide Portland, Oregon and surrounding areas with the best in DJ entertainment for weddings, school dances, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, corporate parties and other special events. Encore Mobile DJs was founded on the premise of building a great company by providing outstanding entertainment in Portland. Encore focuses on playing great music and conducting Ice Breakers to get people to the dance floor to have fun.