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Celebrate in a playful way!

We have all been through our years of innocence and to a greater or lesser extent we stay kids forever. When celebrating your wedding, you can go the formal way or twist into more fun, borrowing elements from your teen parties, including the songs, the romanticism, and the overall setting. Let’s see how you turn childhood memories into a party for grown-ups on the most special occasion of your life!


Being playful with music means that you can pick among current fairytale teenage love songs such as Love Story by Taylor Swift, teasing/sexy beats such as Love You Like A Love Song by Selena Gomez and maybe some old silly/flirty songs from your sophomore years or earlier – think of Barbie Girl by Aqua and Macarena by Los del Rio back in the 90’s. Let your DJ pick the most insane songs that will catapult everyone on stage dancing the night away without second thoughts and conventions. We all want to let it loose at some point, even when clad in tuxedos and evening gowns. And to make it even more playful just organize a fun choreography for you as a new couple and optionally recruit some actual little girls and boys to accompany you in this epic highlight of the night!

Venue and decoration

As you can imagine the ideal setting for such an upbeat playful party should be reminiscent of your childhood. It could be at a pop-art-style swimming pool filled with fancy inflatables or at a dreamy yard filled with balloons or in a ballroom transformed into a playground for mature kids. You can even make it a costume party with a playful theme such as disco fever, Mexican fiesta or Sesame Street! Remember your favorite animated figures and super heroes, from Hello Kitty to Spider Man and find a smart way to incorporate them to the overall décor.

Cake and more

Your favorite cartoons can tastefully land your cake, sneak into your invitations and be projected through video walls! In playfulness, sky is the limit. Can you imagine a multi-tiered cake with a Smurf candy couple on top? So cute! Your menu can exude this laid-back mood too, including flavors that you started craving as a kid such as little burgers, fries, chicken wings, hot dogs, lollipops, popsicles, marzipans, and other childhood dietary sins! Ditch the classic floral center-pieces for fancy, colorful confections. Serve drinks from a cart or wagon – mostly refreshment bottles with crazy straws. Make it yummy, simple and nostalgic in a way!

Attractions and highlights

Again, get ideas from some more sophisticated kids’ parties. If it happens in a yard, incorporate a trampoline for adults. Reese Witherspoon has one in her backyard; why not you at your wedding party? If the party is by the pool with lots of inflatables, you are legitimately allowed to equip your guests with some water guns! Fireworks will also be among the ideas, as well as face painters offering to add a bit of sparkle on ladies’ faces! Keep in mind that all these should be perfectly organized by highly qualified professionals that will keep it tasteful and in control. It’s fun with a bit of grown-up flair.

Extra elements

If space is not an issue, you can further incorporate to the event anything that seems to be an old-school game, such as a bowling alley, a billiard table, a basketball hoop, some swinging chairs, a flipper machine or a foossball. Men and women would love to have a short run in one of those games during the party. A playful party is definitely one with lots of activities accompanied by great music. After all, some people love to dance, while other love to listen to the tunes. Let the shy guys get flirty and cool too!

Be the heart of the party

As hosts you need to encourage your guests to get back to their innocent years by triggering that playfulness yourself. Your outfits should be festive but a bit more fun. Dress them down a bit with alternatives to a formal suit and a full length gown. It can be a dress shorter at the front or even Angelina Jolie’s Versace wedding gown with her kids’ sketches printed on the skirt and the veil. As a groom, you can think of a colorful bow tie or a suit with a playful motif. Your looks should give the signal, and you should also state this mood through the dress code implied on your invitations. Let them know that this is not a classical type of wedding. It’s all for fun, zero for formalities and posh attitudes!