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Dance is an essential part of a fun wedding, as people are there to celebrate a unique moment and a new chapter in your life. Some of your guests are natural dancers, while others may need some encouragement. In that spirit, think of elements that will help them feel comfortable to open up and loosen up. The atmosphere should be warm and friendly, easy and unconventional. Strict etiquette and pretentious rules would have the opposite effect. Make your guest feel at home, take care of them and try to predict all sorts of upcoming needs. Think of the most entertaining wedding you’ve been to and try to borrow their most successful elements.


Pay special attention to the music your choose for the festivities, so that it’s timeless and has universal approval. Play music that is recognizable and draw from a professional DJs’ experience. Start the evening with soft music such as lounge or jazz, than transition to dancing music, allowing your guest to hit the dance floor.  Your DJ will constantly be observing people’s preferences and shift choices if needed.


Serve your guests a variety of drinks, including low-alcohol cocktails and beverages that will lift their mood without knocking them out way before dancing begins. Opt for some champagne-based cocktails rather than vodkas and tequilas. Offer also Sangria punch, cocktails infused and decorated with fruits, and in general less sugary mixes. Good wine should also be available at the table.


Make sure that you placed your guests in a plan that accommodates close friends and couples, offering easy communication among them. Don’t put besties apart or frenemies next to each other. Check your seating plan meticulously so as to make everyone happy in advance. Listen to possible requests and recommendations by your guests and be flexible enough to change placement. Fun starts from the dinner onwards. You and your friends should make the necessary introductions among people who never met before. It’s challenging to be a great host during your special day but it is worth it.


Beyond being yummy and diversified, it should also be light enough to allow your guests to be great dancers afterwards. Your menu should include luscious salads, fish, and low-fat specialties. Your cake can be low-calorie too. Of course never compromise in terms of flavors and presentation! Just fill everybody’s stomach with healthy easy-to-digest food.


Beyond close friends and family members your guest list should also include the ‘party animals’, the social bees, the handsome guys and the beautiful girls, required to create fun-loving atmosphere and an air of flirting. We definitely need young people that endure long hours of dancing and those with a more vibrant lifestyle. They know how to stir happiness!


Focus on designing or finding a stage that will be ideal for dancing the night away. We’ve seen those ones with trampoline type of qualities, with lighting underneath, with a disco ball over our heads, or even rotation (reestablished Rainbow Room at Mandarin Oriental Hotel, NYC, revolves in 3 different speeds). Your stage should also be protected from the elements of nature, and this also applies to the whole party area. Opt for a removable tent, fans, oversized umbrellas, or a closed space with glass walls that opens up to a garden. Your choice should definitely be weather-conscious. Be proactive enough to offer air-conditioning, as well as protection from rainy and windy situations. To realize the possibilities, check your space more than once, long before your actual wedding.


Dancing time will extend more if you alternate music with other highlights. Employ special effects, laser, balloons, fireworks, confetti, magicians, and whatever cool thing your budget can afford. Make your surprises relatable to your attitude/story as a couple, and also interesting to those attending the event. Employ your humorous or your most glamorous side. Wow your guests and they will dance until they drop!
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