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You know you need to hire a DJ and invite your friends.  What else can you do to make sure everyone has a blast at your wedding reception?
Secrets to a Fun Wedding Reception
  1.  Select recognizable music.  People dance to the music the know.
  2.  Make a grand entrance.  Get your wedding reception off to a great start and set the tone for the evening.
  3.  Host beer, wine and a signature cocktail.  Alcohol is one of the key ingredients to a fun party.
  4. Keep toasts short and prepare toasters in advance.  This will help you avoid embarrassment and keep the energy up.
  5.  Have fun! If you have fun so will everyone else.
  6.  Be a permanent fixture on the dance floor. If you dance all night your guests will follow your lead.
  7.  Have your DJ play music requests. When people hear their requests they will dance.
  8.  Do not leave your party.  If you leave so will your guests.
  9.  Play a variety of music genres for all ages.  People are more likely to dance when they hear the music from their era.
  10. Have your DJ teach dances.  Dance instruction gets everyone on the dance floor.
  11. Plan something big for the end of the night and announce it.  Give your guests a reason to stay.
With a little planning and effort you can make sure you friends and family have a blast at your wedding reception.
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