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It’s a unique moment in your life, to be tailored to your needs, following some steps in the right order. The actual location of your wedding reception should be the one of your dreams, reflecting elements that you are sharing as a couple, as well as your current mood. The site and the setting, including the décor and the specifics of the space, will subsequently dictate the design of your dress, the type of music, the food and drinks in the menu, the style of your invitations, and the schedule of the event. The festivities should be visually and aesthetically cohesive. Depending on your original choices, we are here to give you some incredible ideas about matching music!


In a hotel ballroom or other classically decorated closed event space, one should emulate its opulence with joyful classical music and timeless love songs by the likes of Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley and Tony Bennett. Traditional pop, jazz, swing, vocal jazz, and rock & roll should be part of the mix. Pick some tunes dominated by the allure of the saxophone as well as those coming from a classical pianist. Your playlist should start with Mozart, Rossini and Vivaldi, then progress into remixes of modern classics suggested by your professional DJ. The whole night should evoke grandeur and retro elegance!


For spaces with a strong urban feel and sophisticated simplicity, music can be as modern and futuristic as you wish. Electronic music with its subcategories, such as electro-pop, house, industrial and techno can be artfully adjusted to the occasion by your DJ. Making people dance to electrifying tunes should be the main purpose of it. A bit of Tiesto and David Guetta, as well as songs by Lady Gaga and Daft Punk should be popular accents among many other hardcore and unique representatives of the genre. The event can even start with Jean Michel Jarre, who is more or less the ‘father’ of electronic music and also performed for Prince Albert and Princess Charlene during their wedding concert in Monaco!


When the weather is nice, couples tend to organize their receptions in open spaces, surrounded by picturesque natural environment such as at a park, yard, garden or beach. In that case, soothing country music and dance pop (the style that now Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood represent), along with Latin music – reggae and salsa – will ideally blend with the laid-back setting. Julio Iglesias should definitely be considered among the starters while Bob Marley sounds great too!


Imagine a wedding taking place by the pool and a 60s-inspired décor at the venue or a setting reminiscent of 70s photo shoots by Helmut Newton. From past decades, you can borrow tunes by Neil Sedaka, the Mamas & the Papas, and the Beach Boys. Enrich with current tunes by Katy Perry, Kylie Minogue, Beyoncé, Nicki Minaj, and Britney Spears. Endless remixes of great pop music will create the most cheerful atmosphere ever!


People with great involvement in the art circles can easily book an art gallery, a modern art space, or even a museum for their wedding reception. They love alternative music, so they should be daring enough to share it with their friends on such an occasion. Indie and Folk, such as those heard during the Coachella and the Glastonbury Festivals can be perfectly in tune with their experimental attitude in life. Niche genres and rare songs for real connoisseurs will give great pleasure to the audience. Art Punk, alternative rock, new wave, and progressive will be impactful only to those leading their lives in unconventional ways. Some art spaces are located in old warehouses or garages. So such music will perfectly fit the setting!


The theme of the wedding can derive from a movie, a cartoon, a character or a destination. It means that every single tune related to it should be part of the playlist. Fantasy means that there are over-the-top settings inspired by extraordinary fairytale themes and stories. A wedding reception inspired by aquatic life? Bring on all the songs emulating a big dive into the ocean!


For world travelers and international jetsetters, a mix of the best from every culture is a given. Combine different languages and genres for all possible preferences. Your DJ will collect all the latest songs echoing in luxury resorts and exclusive beach bars. It can be tropical and sexy, avant-garde and chic, things to be heard across the French Riviera or anywhere else!


If you are getting married in a faraway destination and you are willing to embrace the local culture, the look for local traditional music. African, Mexican, Oriental, Greek, Italian, Scottish or other, it will be in perfect harmony with the location and you can definitely get advice from the experts to make it cool and fun for all your guests!
Matching the overall setting of your wedding reception with your playlist is the way to describe your universe as a couple and share it with your guests. Even those who are not that close to you should be able to deduct a profile of you through the atmosphere of your bridal festivities. Your favorite music is the best way to express all the emotions and dreams embedded in your relationship and the decision to get married. Spread your happiness across the room with the most representative tunes. Make everyone sing your songs of love!